Bringing to life the wonder and joy of creation.

Hi friend, thank you for being here! This is our journey of discovery that has brought us life beyond our imagination. We welcome you to look around and we hope you find a surprise, some inspiration, or at least something tiny that makes you smile!


In 2015, Celine, a restless designer, wanted a creative outlet to express her ideas outside of her job. Carolyn, on the other hand, was eager to explore crafting again after having put aside this childhood love for other pursuits. Together, we started making tiny clay art pieces of the things we loved.

We brought our tiny creations to local art markets and there, we enjoyed the interactions with people and their interactions with our work. Seeing faces light up with curiosity and excitement and hearing the ideas that others shared with us, made us realise that sharing art moves something within the heart. We were inspired to keep creating and exploring, experimenting with air dry clay, polymer clay and eventually ceramics.

Though we did not know it then, we were on an adventure, a discovery of newness. Seeing tiny transformations and growth when we create and share our work brought us hope and awakened our hearts to dream again.


Creating with our hands is a love instilled in us by our grandparents, who were very handy themselves. We grew up seeing in their example, the delight that goes into the details and the value of giving our best to others.

Our work thus involves the use of our hands and our hearts. Seeing how a lump of clay turns into a recognisable form in our fingers is fascinating. Our senses are engaged as we play and form, bringing to life curiosity, imagination, wonder and most of all, joy!

As Catholic makers, we are called to share in the creative power of God, who carefully and lovingly formed each one of us, leaving on us His fingerprints of love. When we create, we are taking on the heart of a maker, allowing what moves our hearts to be expressed outwardly through our hands, into the creation. When we share, we are giving life to the stories in our hearts.


What began as a search for more, has brought us on a journey of wondrous discovery of our creative identity and of God, our Creator. A spirit of adventure invites us to keep our eyes, hearts, minds and ears open to take in the landscape around us. Like children, we want to be free to dream and to marvel at the even the smallest wonders in creation, each with a story to tell.

It may be a slow journey, but it is one which helps us to be thoughtful and to take time to be taught, to ponder purpose and direction. Along the way, we are excited to find little by little the love of God in the sights, places and lives we encounter. These inspirations move our hearts to come alive and we hope that through sharing our art, we can share the same wonder and joy we experience with you!

Why TinySupply?

From the beginning, we had the mindset of us being small-scale makers from a really tiny country, creating tiny art pieces that bring a lot of joy. The name TinySupply had a nice ring to it and we went with it without putting in too much thought! 

Through the years, we are discovering that this name has held true to our way of creating, still tiny with our limitations and relying very much on God’s abundant supply of grace and providence to guide our business!