A Tiny Introduction

TinySupply was started in 2015 on the tiny sun-soaked island of Singapore by Celine, a restless designer, who wanted a creative outlet to release her weird little ideas onto this unsuspecting world. She roped in her sister Carolyn, who loves crafty stuff and attention to detail, to be a part of this adventure.

Together, we realised our medium of choice was anything clay-related due to its versatility and ease of adapting to any shape or form. To date, our little creations have been formed with air dry clay, polymer clay and ceramics. Having said that, we are always restless and are itching to explore other materials and methods in our work.

We believe in starting small and putting in hard work to achieve a bigger dream. One of our dreams is to open our own little ceramics studio to explore the wonders of clay and share this craft with others. We know the journey may be a long one but we are grateful now to be in our tiny space nurturing our tiny ideas and bringing them to life!

We share a love for the cute, colourful and curious, which has become the main inspiration for our creations. Our goal is to supply light-hearted, happy little pieces of art to everyone in the hope of brightening someone’s day!

Although we are pretty shy, we enjoy interacting with people. Listening to your stories always inspire us to come up with new ideas. So drop us a line anytime here to say hello!