TinySupply is a small-batch, handmade ceramic adventure where we bring to life the wonder and joy of creation.

Workshops & Experiences

Enter rest, play and deeper connection through thoughtfully designed workshops and creative experiences!

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A Tiny Introduction

TinySupply is a sister team from a tiny speck on your world map, Singapore. Just as this adventure of clay and creativity has brought us so much life, we hope through sharing our creations and our stories, you may be filled with joy and life too!

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Moulded By Love

We believe that every movement in our crafting process is animated by love, and we hope each unique piece will be treasured in your hands.

From “Aww!” to Awe

We are inspired by what excites our soul and senses, which draws us to marvel at God's creativity and surprises even in the tiniest of things.

A Lively Adventure

We desire to share this beautiful, creative journey that has brought us so much life and joy. And hey, we'd be glad if you came along!